WHAT IS VALUE VO? ValueVO is an inexpensive way for smaller-market stations to acquire network-quality voiceover in high volume, at a low price. ValueVO is NOT designed for one-time-only use. Rather it is for the station or agency that wants to develop a long-term "house" voice that is used for various commercial, industrial, or day book use. Is your in-house guy getting way too much exposure? Count on ValueVO to reduce his workload, and provide network-quality voiceover at smaller-market rates.

HOW DOES IT WORK? You fax or email a script to ValueVO, and within 24 hours the audio is emailed to you in the audio format of your choice: MP3, wav, aiff, virtually any popular audio format.

HOW SOON CAN I EXPECT MY COMPLETED AUDIO? Completed voiceover tracks will be delivered within 24 hours of the receipt of your script. Many times the work is done within a few hours, depending on our workload. If you have an emergency spot, we can attach high-priority to it, for a small additional fee.

CAN I GET MY AUDIO ON DAT OR REEL? HOW ABOUT ISDN? ValueVO is designed for today’s high-stress broadcaster. For this reason, our systems are set up to deliver audio via the Internet. This is faster, more convenient, and far less expensive than any other delivery option. This helps us keep our prices lower than anyone else in the industry.

WHAT ABOUT MUSIC? ValueVO provides voiceover services only. Because of the plethora of music packages available to producers, and because the choice of music is a highly subjective issue, we have chosen to focus our efforts on providing the best possible VO for the price, and let you choose the music that works for you.

WHAT ARE THE PRICES? ValueVO offers up to :30 spot reads for $15, and :60 spot reads for $25. Usage is buy-out, requiring no further payment after the initial buy. Longer voiceover projects are bid on a case-by-case basis.

HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY DO THIS? ValueVO has eliminated the high-cost procedures and equipment associated with most voiceover work. Without ISDN, tape costs, materials costs, or FedEx charges, national-quality voiceover can be affordable, when done in high volume.

WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY HIGH VOLUME? ValueVO's clients typically use our services for 2-3 spots per week.

CAN I LISTEN TO MY SPOT WHILE IT'S BEING RECORDED? ValueVO is based on unsupervised recording of your work. You simply provide the "tone" you'd like the announcer to read in, and provide pronunciation guides for difficult or strange words or phrases, and the rest is up to us. At these low prices supervised sessions are not permitted, however all of our clients marvel at the quality they receive from our unsupervised sessions. Supervision by phone patch is available, at a regular VO session fee of $150.

WHAT IF THERE'S A MISTAKE? If the mistake is on the part of the voiceover talent, a re-record session will be done at no charge. If the mistake is due to a typo or copy problem on your end, the regular fee will be charged for the redo.

WHO ARE YOUR CLIENTS? Television stations, radio stations, advertising agencies doing animatics, virtually anyone can use ValueVO. While there is no contractual long-term agreement, we do request that our clients use our service at least once per week.

CAN I HAVE MARKET EXCLUSIVITY? At these low prices, market exclusivity cannot be guaranteed. Market exclusivity can be purchased for a retainer fee that will vary according to your market size. However, every attempt will be made to notify you in the event that another client from your market area attempts to contract our services. At that time you may choose to guarantee your exclusivity, or simply allow us to work for the other client.

HOW ABOUT A FREE DEMO? Of course, we offer free demos. Just email or fax your script, and we’ll voice the demo and get it back to you. In fact, we’re so certain you’ll love our services, we won’t even "cobble" the demo. You’re free to use it for your client…just let us know that you used it, and we’ll bill you for the spot.

HOW DO I PAY? Typically, ValueVO will bill in five-spot units, meaning you’ll get a bill after each fifth spot you have us produce. Because of our low prices, we require payment upon receipt of the invoice.

HOW DO I SIGN UP? Just click here to go to our signup page, enter all your information, and that’s it! You can start sending scripts right away. The procedure for doing so will be outlined for you after you enter your information.